Monday, June 12, 2006

Welcome to My Jungle

So I am a 4th year pharmacy student and I am currently on my first clinical rotation. We have to complete 8 5-week clinical rotations at various physicians' offices, hospitals, and community pharmacies to complete our degrees.

I bring patients back to the rooms to review their medications and to have them lie to me about how they take their pills every day. To make things a little easier on the nurse, I started weighing the patients as well. Its not hard and I'm not dumb (I could try to take blood pressures, but I have maybe done that 10 times and I don't feel like being wrong and hurting arms). Anywho, I was taking this fatty-fat-fat over to the scale. She's maybe 5'6" to 5'8" and rather bowling ball shaped. I say my line, "Will you please slide off your shoes and step on the scale for me?" And then she says, "I hate this part." And my brain says, "Maybe you hate it because you have to face your impending doom and gross obesity."

Honestly, if people hated being fat and getting weighed that much then they'd exercise and stop making pie sandwiches with Twinkie buns.

Yes, I'm a jerk. But I don't want to pity these people. Healthy living is possible. Exercise and stop eating spoonfuls of butter. I don't like hearing people bitch and moan about situations they have put theirselves into.

And know we've reached the goal of my blog here: to bitch and moan about the situation I have put myself into.


P.S. Healthcare is a capitalist industry.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hello, internet.